The Meredith Group

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The Meredith Group

The Meredith Group was set up in 2003 by managing director, Barnaby Meredith who strived to create fine dining pubs with a homely feel. Award winning pub, The House in Islington, famed for serving quintessentially British food was their first success story. Renowned for giving new life to once rundown pubs the group acquired Mayfair's - The Only Running Footman. In 2006 it was renovated to create four magnificent floors which boast private dining space. The Portman - Marylebone is the most recent addition, housing a traditional British ground floor pub and a stylish first floor restaurant serving the same tremendous British dishes as The Footman.


PizzaBuzz is here to offer a quality, quick and delicious pizza fix. Guests will be able to fully customise their own wood-fired pizza from start to finish choosing from a variety of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. At PizzaBuzz, we use our own unique flour blend and have introduced Glera-Frizzante on-tap to the UK market alongside a range of freshly squeezed fruit juices, bottled beer, white and red wine to name a few. Techonologically advanced, PizzaBuzz offers guests the chance to download our app with flypay and order another round of drinks and Mamoo® ice cream straight to their table.

Mamoo® Ice Cream

Mamoo® ice cream is a popular addition to the group. Using traditional cow's milk as well as several alternatives such as goat's and almond milk so those with dietary restrictions can still sample some of the delicious flavours Mamoo has to offer. Remember, you are never too old for ice cream!